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WARNING was created in december

Reinvigorating HIV prevention in the context of our health and wellness


The association Warning would like to invite you to an international conference « HIV and Gay Health » on 28 and 29 November which will be held at the Hôtel de Ville, Paris.


The lifestyles of gays are changing at a sustained pace. The abundance of associations, the increasing number of initiatives which are being developed to put a stop to discrimination and to obtain equal rights in all aspects of private and professional life, the affirmation of gay couples since the French partnership, not to mention the success of Gay Pride events, all go to show that gays have dynamic relations with the rest of society. Gays increasingly live their sexuality with fewer hang-ups and this transformation, together with the arrival of new treatments, has far-reaching effects on the ways in which people live with the reality of AIDS.


Health and sexuality are central to gays' lives. Whether HIV positive or negative, we no longer always experience HIV as cutting us off from our own bodies, as a ban on living, loving and enjoying ourselves, but we are becoming more creative both in our bodies and in our minds.We experiment with different ways of living, we invent a new form of caring for ourselves.


And yet the number of HIV contaminations amongst homosexuals remains high and condom use is becoming less frequent. The last survey undertaken by the gay press points once again to the high risk of a new wave of contaminations. These phenomena are international and bring into question today's HIV prevention. More and more experts and militants call for its renewal through a broadened approach, which would take into account all the health factors regarding gay men. In different countries, LGBT structures or structures which fight against AIDS have integrated gay health and well-being projects, particularly within the frame of their action against HIV.


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